This line is created in 1946 with the first Tonka toy, the "Streater Steam Shovel", and die out in the middle of 80's.

Identification guide


Surrey #350 made in 1962. Years of production : 1962-1964. It's one of the first models made by Tonka further to the signature of the agreement with the Willys / Jeep Compagny. Dispatcher #200 (light blue) made in 1965 and #200 or #2200 since 1968  (metalic green). Colors available : light blue with white windscreen (1962-1964 and 1973), all in light blue (1965), metalic green (1966-1969), green (1970 and after). Made with solid hubcaps (1962-1966) or 5 triangular holes (after 1966). Hubcaps and whitewalls on the blue Jeep and the 4 wheels on the green Jeep are new. I have sold these 2 Jeep. Wrecker w/ plow #435 (late 1965-1967) and #2435 (1968-197?). The early is white and black, the late is blue and orange. On the white Jeep, the flasher light, the boom and the plow are missing ; the front wheels have been replaced. One the blue one, the boom is missing.
Commander #304 made between 1964 and 1966. Years of production : 1963-1967 (N°304) and 1968-1973 (N°2304). Windscreen, top & spare wheel are missing. (I have sold it) Commander #304 made since 1974. Top & stickers are missing. (I have sold it) Dune Buggy #2445 (1968-19??)
Jeepster 2460
Jeepster Runabout #2460 made in 1970. Years of production : 1969-1970. Windscreen, trailer and boat are missing. (I have sold it) Dune Buggy #2957 with box.


Snorkel with bucket lift #2950 made in 1970 or 1971 in Canada. Years of production : 1969-1971. Aerial ladder #2960 made in 1972. Years of production : 1972-198?. Ramp hoist #2992 made in 1974 and 1975.
Wrecker #518 made in 1963 or 1964. On 1962 model, the boom is painted in black. Windscreen and dumbell lights are missing. Wrecker #2522 made in 1974 or 1975. The "CAA" logo means that this model was built for canadian market. The boom is missing. Dump truck with plow #3181 made after 1974. The plow has been repainted and one flashing light replaced.


Dump Truck #180 (1949-1953). This is a 50th anniversary reproduction. 10000 trucks were manufactured. Dump truck built in 1956. This truck was included in the State Hi-Way Departement Set #975-6. Hydraulic dump truck #20 built in 1957
315 520-65
Hydraulic dump truck #520 (1962-1964). With 1962 specific stickers.

Sandloader (1961-197?). Made after 1965. Red color is available every years except in 1963 and 1964, orange in available in 1962 and 1964, and yellow and green are available in 1963. A connecting rod is missing.

Dump Truck #315. Produced first in orange on early 1965, then in red and yellow (late 1965-1967). Hydraulic dump truck #520 (1965-1967). Windscreen is missing. I have sold it.
Hydraulic dump truck #2585 (1969-198?). Made in 1970 or 1971 in Canada. Hydraulic dump truck #2585 (1969-198?). Made after 1974. When it was new, it was green ! Dump truck #2465 or #602465 made in 1978. Years of production : 1969-19?? (N°2465) and during 80's (N°602465). (I have sold it)
Tandem dump truck #2640 Dump truck #2315 made in 1974 or 1975. Restored. (I have sold it) Dump truck and trailered mixer #2999 made in 1974 or 1975. (available in yellow)
Mobile Clam #942. I think that this model was nether made in USA with a 1965-1967 cab. As it was built in New Zealand, perhaps it was made after 1967. Cement mixer  #620 (1965-1967) or #2620 (1968-1971). The red truck was made between 1965 and 1968, the orange truck in 1972. Crane boom / flat bed  #620.


Theses Road Signs were sold in construction sets beetween 1956 and 1960.
Power Lift truck #200 (1950). One of the first toys built by Tonka. It's built with aluminium sheet on account of the cost of steel after 2nd World War. Front lift system, decals and a trailer are missing. Steam shovel #50 (1949-1952?). One of the first toys built by Tonka. Aerial Sand Loader #800-5 (1955-1956). It was sold alone with this number, or with a dump truck under #825-5. The "State Highway Dept" Dump Truck is here to show the size of loader. The roof of the trolley is missing.
Ser-Vi-Car #201 (1962 - 1964). Seat is missing. Loader #100 made only in 1960. It was also available in lime green. Exhaust pipe in broken. Loader #2352 (1963-1973). Made in Canada.
Trencher #2534. This model was made since 1972. I've got it since 1974. Stickers are missing. Trencher #2534  produced during 80's. Front arms are plastic made. Stickers are missing.(I have sold it) Forklift #52900. Flasher light and stickers are missing.



Tractor #2249. Made in New Zealand. The blue tractor is mint in box. Steering wheel and head lights are missing on the green tractor.
Tractor with trailer #2710 (1973-19??) or #602710 (eighties).  Steering wheel is missing. Farm loader #2531 (1973-19??) or #602531 (eighties). Made in 1974 or 1975. Tractor with trencher #2625 (19??-19??) or #602625 (eighties).  (I have sold it)


"Our Own Hadware" utility hauler (1954). It's a very rare private label. Front wheels were remplaced.

06 + AC314

Metro van "Carnation Milk" #750-5 (1955). These decals were used only in 1955 (#750-5) and 1956 (750-6). In 1955, several models were built with International logo on top of the grill. The side door is missing.

Horse van. It's a Sportsman #06 (1959) with a horse trailer #AC314. Tonka built the first horse van in 1965. I don't know then this model was modified.

"Hi Way" pickup (1959). This  model Was not sold alone but it was included in the State Hi-Way Departement Set #B-210. It was a pickup #02 but due to I didn't find the good color paint, I have modified it.

"Tonka Service" van #01 (1959-1961). Made in 1960. "Allied" van #400-5 (195?-1955) or #440-6 (1956) or #38 (1957) or #39 (1959-1961) or #739 (1962-1964). Shown model was made in 1961. Stake pickup (Unknown reference). Made in New Zealand. I have found beautiful 500 Lb coton balles in 1/18 scale.

Cattle trailer #2248 (1962-1966). As it was built in New Zealand, perhaps it was made after 1966. (restored)

Semi-trailer. It's one of the first models made in New Zealand : the cab is the typical NZ product but it has US oval logos. Grill and windscreen are missing. .Car carrier #840 built beetween 1965 and 1967. It was been built too in 1968 with #2840. It's an early Turbine type cab, because there is a "gas turbine" logo embossed on each side of the cab. Cars are missing. Car carrier #2850 built in 1972 or 1973. Rear ramp and one car are missing. I have sold it
Semi-trailer. It may be a car-carrier or a lowboy. "Cyanamid" pickup made in 1968 or 1969. It was sold with special box. "Eckes Bitter" truck (unknown reference). Specialy made for Germany. Rear tailgate is missing. I have sold it.
5th wheel camper #2100 "Chevron" pickup #2360 ? "Chevron" tank truck # 2635 ? Made in 1978. "Red card" to the french mail for the damages !
"Steiff® bear" pickup N°880-6 built in 1997 by Don Desalle with 1500 copies (it's the 154th). It was sold with a teddy bear exclusively through Steiff® dealers. It has its certificate of authenticity.


Pickup #2953.  Wheels are removable. Pickup #602964 built in the 80's, it's on the '82 look book cover. Wheels are removable. I have sold this model. Bike (Unknown reference). Made in Japan.