LINKS : Official website of Tonka toys. : In my opinion, it's the "Bible" for old Tonka toys ! You can learn everything about Tonka toys. Specialy for 50's and 60's Regular trucks. You can find Tonka history, releases years after years, advices for restoration, look-books from 1955 to 1975. : On this website, everything is for sale ! Yon can find beautiful vintage models and a lot of spare parts to restore yours models. : If you need stickers, it's here ! This website propose stickers to restore the more famous international marks, specialy Tonka. You can also find some spare parts. : A personnal american website where you can see an incredible collection. : A personnal webpage, in England. See new website : : A lot of things on this personnal website, specialy about Tonka Tiny line. Also interesting chapters about Hot wheels and Matchbox. : A website about Tonka Tiny, with beautiful pictures. : A very beautiful personnal website about Tonka, Nylint, Buddy L and other trucks. New links :