Tonka Tiny / Rico Mini

On left, Tonka Tiny cab :

Unruffled cab & roof panel, ridged front grille

On right, Rico Mini cab :

Marking of doors, 2 small windows on roof panel, front grille with "Sanson" marking & headlights. WARNING ! Some models have the same bodywork than Tonka, except front grille. Other ones (late models ?) have the same bodywork and front grille, only "Tonka-Rico" stickers are differents.

On left, yellow Tonka Tiny :

Stationary upper platform, no rear ramp.

On right, blue Rico Mini :

Upper platform with tiltable ramp, rear ramp (& stickers "transporte coches").

On left, Tonka Tiny tractor with loader

On right, Rico Mini tractor with loader

They look very similar, but all is different except wheels and loader.

On left, Tonka Tiny loader.

On right, Rico Mini loader.

The own differences are "Rico" stamped on front arm, small nozzle on Rico bonnet, and rear arm on Rico loader. Seemingly, Tonka loader never have rear arm.

On left, Tonka Tiny dozer.

On right, Rico Mini dozer.

The own differences are "Rico" stamped on the blade, small nozzle on Rico bonnet, the sides of engine bonnet (except for early Tonka dozer who has the same ones).
On left, Tonka aerial ladder.

On right, Rico aerial ladder.

Differences are the colour of ladder connection and cab.


Tonka Mini / Rico Bravo

On left, Tonka Jeep :

front grill with horizontal stripes, single windscreen.

On right, Rico Jeep :

front grill with vertical stripes, dual windscreen.

Tonka Regular / Rico Junior

On left, Tonka Regular cab.

On right, Rico Junior cab.

A lot of parts are the same : bodywork, windscreen, seats, steering wheel.

On left, Tonka Regular cement mixer.

On right, Rico Junior cement mixer.

Only the water tank is different.

On left, Tonka Regular farm loader.

On right, Rico Junior loader.

Only plastic seat and engine are the same.


Tonka Mighty / Rico Super

On left, Tonka Mighty cab.

On right, Rico Super cab.

A lot of parts are the same on the early cab : bodywork (except roof), bumper, front grille, headlights. The Tonka late cab is very different.

On left, Tonka Mighty loader.

On right, Rico Super loader.

Differences are : wheels, lateral engine vents, rear grill, bonnet vents (Rico), rear bumpers (Rico), roof (Rico).