This line is produced from 1963 to the middle of 80's.

Identification guide


With friction engine

Volkswagen #5953 Porsche 911 #5954. Door decals are missing. Chevrolet Corvette #5956
Ford Capri #5967 Porsche 911 #605970. This model was made with french "Gendarmerie" stickers and color.



Beetle #1158. Appear in the middle of 1965 . #150 (yellow), #152 (blue), #154 (green), #156 (red). In 1967, #150 (black), #152 (blue), #154 (green), #156 (brown). From 1968 to 1970, #1158 in red, blue, metal green,black. Lightning Bugs #1165. Made in 1971. The 1972 model is available in green or pink with yellow hubcaps.  Fun Buggy #1010
Ruff Rider #1045 (1970 - 1973) Track Duster N 1345 (1973). I have sold it.
Lemon Wheeler. Unknown reference. Banana Wheeler #788 Orange Wheeler. Unknown reference.


Jeep Dispatcher #30 (1965). It's one of the first Jeep built by Tonka on the mini line. Production started at the begining of 1965 in "green mint" color. After the middle of 1965, the Jeep Dispatcher is always in light blue. Right front wind is missing.
Jeep Beach Buggy #42 (1965-1968) or #1042 (1969) Jeep #1020. Trailer is missing. Jeep & safari trailer #1997 built after 1979. 1 giraffe and 1 figure are missing. I have sold this model.


Military Jeep #1989 Pickup. Unknown reference. Troop carrier with radar. Unknown reference.


Fire Fighter #72 or 1072. Bumper and ladders are missing. Pumper #1256. It can spray water. Side ladders are missing. Wrecker #1235. The left one was built in 1974 or 1975 (I have sold it), the right one was built in Canada.
Rescue wagoneer #1995. Notice the different crosses on "rescue" stickers. I have sold back model.


Pickup  #50 (1963). It's one of the first Jeep Gladiator built by Tonka. Camper #70 (1963 - 1967) or #1070 (1968 - 1970). The right model (beige and white) was built in 1965 (I have sold it). The left model (red and white) was made in Canada between 1966 and 1970.
Terminix van. This truck is a pickup #1225. The plastic part in the bucket was missing, so I have rebuilt an other one and a rear roof with steel sheet. Sanitary service #1260. With "LitterBug" stickers. Dump stake #1971 made in Canada. 
Pickup #1225. I think that this model woth ungrooved tyres was sold with a Mighty Car Carrier. Pick-up & horse trailer (Pony Puller) #1265. Horses are missing. Pick-up & horse trailer #1865 built after 1979. 2 horses and 1 figure are missing. I have sold it.
Super Valu van. Unknown reference. It's a rare private label. Gambles van. Unknown reference. It's a rare private label. Van #1280
Allied van #98 (1965-1967). Allied van #1098 (1968-1970). Allied van #1098 built in 1971. With its original box and a promotional matchbook from Allied Van Lines Jack Mitchell Moving & Storage Corp. Cooperstown, New York.
Allied van (unknown reference) built in 1978.
TV van #2003 built at the end of the 70's with French TV "TF1" stickers. People and props are missing. Camper Van #2002 built at the end of the 70's. 2 figures, 1 dog and camping equipment are missing. Race car carrier #2005


Dump truck #60 (1963-1967) or #1060 (1968-1970).The left model (all in red) was built in 1963, the midle one (green and yellow) was made in 1964, and the right one (red and yellow) was built between 1965 and 1969 (I have sold this model). Cement mixer #1240 built in 1970. Cement mixer #1240. I've got it since 1973.
Dump truck #1230. The left model was built in 1976 or 1977, the right one in 1978 (I have sold this model). Crane truck #1099 or Mobile clam #1943. Hook or clamshell is missing. Lowboy and Crane. Unknown reference.
Scrapper #1091 (1969 - 1970)


#96 ? Color and wheels are distinctive to New Zealand. #96 (1964-1967) or #1096 (1968-1970). Cars are missing.
#1275 #1275 ? I have sold this model.