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Jacqueline C.

Tonka Mighty : Winnebago Motor Home #3885 (1973-1977). This model was made in 1974.


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Tonka Tiny Tonka Tiny. Have a look on the construction set and the bulldozer with box.
Tonka Tiny and 2 "Crazy A's" cars. Tonka Mini. The 2 horses are very rare !

Guy L

I'm very happy to show theses models from Quebec

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Some Tonka models Some Buddy L models
A beautiful collection of Tonka Tiny
Other Buddy L models, hard to find in France Always Tonka models I'm very surprised to see Sanson Rico toys (the 2 bigger trucks) in the other side of Atlantic ocean.
The 3 trucks on the upper left are Marx models. The cab looks like Tonka Regular Turbine. They're very hard to find in France. For little chief ... Some Tonka Tiny
Other Tonka Tiny A Mini Tonka Luv bugs #1160 and a "snowmobile" who was carried on a trailer by a Jeep Wagoneer. Tonka Tiny
Tonka Crasy a's Tonka Jeep Wagoneer with a snowmobile 1 Marx wrecker, 1 "made in Japan" truck and a cement mixer Bandaļ
A truck R Gang with box
R Gang box R Gang trucks Several Tonka Mini and Regular dozers
Tonka Powered scrambler dragster Tonka Mini Jeep Tonka Egular Jeep. The red color was available only in Canada
Tonka plane made in 1979 Tonka Mini buggy Several Tonka Mites ans Tonka System
Tonka ActionCars Tonka Regular pickup made in 1964 Tonka Mini Jeep Gladiator
Tonka Mini Tonka Tiny fire department set #830


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Tonka custom  pickup N°2360 A Buddy L army truck (restored) with a Tonka Mighty car carrier and a Tonka Regular Snorkel

Armand D.

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Tonka Mighty dump truck Rico Super loader The 2 both models in action.